The Law Enforcement Advanced Data Reporting System (LEADRS) was developed in 2003. The system is grant funded through the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and is 100% free to all agencies. The system streamlines the DWI report writing process for officers in the field by reducing the amount of redundant data. Once an officer completes a case report the system will auto populate nearly every form associated with a DWI arrest thus saving officers valuable time. The system in turn delivers a well detailed report to district and county attorneys to successfully prosecute the case. Information from the most recent survey of LEADRS users revealed a 58% reduction in reporting time using the system. Most officers noted that they can complete a DWI case report in approximately 60 minutes or less.

Utilizing current LEADRS technology with assistance from the Texas District and County Attorney’s Association (TDCAA) the program implemented its electronic signature blood search warrant feature in 2017. This process allows for officers and judges to securely sign the necessary documents remotely. The blood search warrant time using LEADRS has been reduced to approximately twenty minutes.