LEADRS was founded in 2003 within the 10 largest counties in Texas.
This specialized group included over 200 DREs, SFST Instructors, DWI enforcement officers, Prosecutors specializing in DWI cases, and DWI Defense Attorneys.
Together they created a comprehensive DWI report  that addressed all issues from Law Enforcement to Prosecutors while overcoming DWI defense challenges.
LEADRS was created and introduced to Texas Law Enforcement in 2004. Currently over 10,000 DWIs are processed with LEADRS every year in Texas.

LEADRS stands for Law Enforcement Advanced DUI/DWI Reporting System. It is
an internet based DWI reporting system with no software to load and is completely FREE for agencies to use. LEADRS reporting questions were designed by LE DWI experts, leading DWI prosecutors, and DWI defense attorneys to provide prosecution friendly DWI Case Report.