How does LEADRS Work?

LEADRS works by having Officers answer a series of questions, via: free text boxes,
drop menus, and check boxes. Once completed, all information is used to complete a DWI case report, Blood search warrant, DIC forms, Complaint/Affidavit, booking forms, blood lab forms, and all other DWI related forms.

How much does the LEADRS program cost?

LEADRS is an internet based reporting system, therefore it is completely FREE for departments to use. It is funded by TxDOT grants through TMPA.

Is LEADRS compatible with my current Records Management System(RMS)?

LEADRS is compatible with every Law Enforcement Records Management System. For more information regarding your departments specific system, please contact a LEADRS representative today. 

I am having trouble with my LEADRS login, who do I contact? 

Please email us at DWIhelp@tmpa.org or simply click on the “Contact Us” link. Be sure to include your full name, department, badge number, and position(Records Clerk, Officer, Sergeant, Lieutenant, Chief)