How does LEADRS Work?

LEADRS walks an officer step by step through the DWI report writing process utilizing a series of free text boxes,
drop menus, and check boxes. The questions in the system prompt the officer to include more detailed information than what they would traditionally include on their own. Once this information is completed LEADRS will auto populate and generate every form associated with a DWI arrest based on the information the officer has already entered into the system.  (Ex. blood search warrant, DIC forms, Complaint/Affidavit, booking forms, lab forms, and all other DWI related documents.)

How much does the LEADRS program cost?

LEADRS is granted funded through the Texas Department of Transportation  (TxDOT) and it free to all agencies in Texas to use.

Is LEADRS compatible with my current Records Management System(RMS)?

LEADRS is compatible with every Law Enforcement Records Management System. For more information regarding your departments specific system, please contact a LEADRS representative today. 

I am having trouble with my LEADRS login, what should I do? 

Please use the link below to access the username/password recovery guide. Your department administrator can also reset your information if needed.