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Letter from Michael Scheffler - DPS Georgetown

Re: LEADRS DWI Reporting System


As you know I have been involved with TMPA and the LEADRS system since the very first focus group I attended at the Cedar Park Police Department in late 2004.  The very concept of a system

that would ease the paperwork burden created by making a DWI arrest in the State of Texas was intriguing to say the least.  It takes no less than seven different forms to properly complete a DWI

arrest and most of the paperwork is redundant, if for no other reason than having to write a driver’s name, date of birth and driver license number seven different times.  The initial process alone

tends to take the average officer approximately two hours to complete, without writing a case report.


Since the inception of the LEADRS system, I have been able to complete a DWI arrest is an hour or less, depending on the type of offense and the circumstances surrounding the arrest.  Not only

have I been able to decrease the time it takes to process a DWI arrest but also, I have found that my investigations are more thorough and the case reports more complete.  I attribute my own

progress and improvement in DWI enforcement to the fact that numerous persons have put considerable time and effort into developing a system that helps to answer almost all of the possible questions that might be asked during the investigation and/or subsequent legal processing of a DWI case and the redundancy of filling out forms has been reduced or eliminated.  The program

is so well thought out and developed that one only need enter a driver’s name, date of birth and license number once and it is automatically placed in all the forms that require the information. 


I cannot speak highly enough of this system or its potential.  The best testimony I can give about this system is the large number of DWI arrests that I have been able to make and process simply because I am spending less time tied to a desk or in court and more time on the road where I need to be in order to apprehend intoxicated drivers.  This is not only true for me but for the vast

majority of the Troopers in my office.  TMPA has our greatest praise and admiration for the development of this system.


Michael Scheffler

Corporal IV

Texas Highway Patrol
LEADRS program was developed and is maintained through a partnership of TXDOT and TMPA.